The Dreamstone Core Card and Dice Set


Set of 34 character and object cards for The Dreamstone RPG and Miniatures Game.

Dream characters: Amberley, Rufus, Albert, The Dreammaker, Pildit, Wildit, Spildit, Mr Blossom, Number 5, Number 6, Number 7, Number 8, Hat, Egg.

Dream objects: The Dreamstone, Wut Whistle, 3x Wut Globe, 3x Wut Leaf.

Nightmare characters: Zordrak, Sgt Blob, Nug, Frizz, Urpgor, Urk, Boff, Mud, Argorrible.

Nightmare objects: Hand of Zordrak, Voice of Zordrak, Rocket Packs.

Also includes 1 4-sided, 1 6-sided, 1 8-sided and 1 10-sided dice in velvet pouch.

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