The Dreamstone RPG Rulebook


Beneath the Red Planet of Doom, beneath the Black Mountain of Viltheed, in the Land of Nightmares a servant of evil stirs…

The Loathsome Zordrak! Lord of Nightmares! Hatching his monstrous plots to thwart the Dreammaker so that nightmares might rule!

Zordrak is not alone in the land of nightmares, he is surrounded, protected and served by his tough, highly trained and dedicated troops, the Uprneys.

Now players of all ages can step into the standard-issue boots of these crackpot troops and try for themselves to best the forces of the Dreammaker, the Noops and the Wuts. Will they triumph against the odds? Will they survive Urpgor’s madcap machinery? Will Zordrak turn them to stone? Your journey starts within…

Based on the classic 90s ITV series, The Dreamstone roleplaying game casts players as a band of reluctant villains in the service of a terrifying master. This book gives a Dream Maker all the rules they need to run this fast-paced, simple RPG as well as an in-depth look at the lands of dreams and nightmares with their inhabitants and guidance on running adventures.

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