Welcome to Oakbound Studio

We are a family-run games company from Gloucestershire, UK. Our miniatures are hand-crafted using traditional techniques to create the classic aesthetics of figurines from the 80s and 90s. Our games mix modern strategic mechanics with an emphasis on narrative and character. You can find out more about our three main game systems by following the links below and read what people have said about them here.

Oakbound is proud of its support for local, cottage industries. All our products are manufactured by little local companies in the United Kingdom, with most of our books also available through the international print-on-demand website Wargame Vault. We have an enthusiastic community spirit and would love for you to join us on YouTube, Instagram and the Facebook groups supporting all our games.

The Woods is rooted in the folklore of ancient Britain and Europe. In the wake of the fae invasion the inhabitants of Talamhlar must form pacts and alliances or take up arms against their new neighbours. Take control of a character, form a warband or lead an army to victory in this unique, scaleable miniatures game which plays in RPG, Skirmish and Battle mode. 

Factious Waste lets you recreate your favourite Action Movies as you take charge of a gang fighting for survival in the harsh wastelands of Outworld. Recruit your posse from a mix of seven factions and develop them from a raw band into an elite fighting force by undertaking lucrative contracts, stealing from other gangs, trading, taking and holding territory and making use of your powerful contacts.