Production Assistance

Stepping into the world of game and miniature production is a daunting prospect! Even if you’re not wanting to make a career from it, just getting that one personal project off the ground can seem an immense task. Chances are it’s something you’re passionate about and you want to make sure everything is done right.

We’ve been there. We’re still there and we’re still learning but we have picked up a lot of knowledge, good tips and great contacts along the way. Whether you’re looking to manufacture a full-blown board game or Kickstart a short run of a couple of bespoke miniatures we’d love to help. Getting¬† small gaming business up and running is easier now than it has ever been, but with the opportunities come new pitfalls and challenges.

At a point in the future this is one area we are considering running a short course on, helping individuals and gaming groups make their own visions physical realities. We’ll cover commissioning sculptors and artists, the miniature manufacturing processes, getting good-looking print products, engaging your potential audience, planning your launch and running a crowd-funding campaign. If you would be interested please contact us and let us know.¬†

In the meantime if we can help make your project a reality get in touch, we’re always happy to advise.