Sculpting Commissions

Most of our miniatures are sculpted in-house by Geoff Solomon-Sims. Geoff is available for commission work in a range of scales and has experience working in  28mm, 35mm and  large-size busts. Geoff also works as a modelmaker with The Propworkshop and can undertake much larger sculpts and builds including terrain, monsters and props.

Most commissions are one-off projects for individuals looking to fill holes in their collections. Geoff has, however, also produced miniatures for Lancer Miniatures, M.A.M. Miniatures, Scotia Grendel and Sandstorm Miniatures.

Sculpts are created by hand in epoxy putty so can be painted and gamed with directly or are suitable for metal or resin production.  Oakbound can facilitate moulding and production.

Standard pricing is £3 per mm, measured from bottom of feet to top of head. This makes a 28mm miniature £74, a 54mm £162. Models with an exceptional level of detail or requiring multiple parts may cost more to sculpt depending on complexity.

Ideally miniatures will be sculpted from thorough concept art, however we can also work from sketches, reference material and description. We can provide a design service if required. If the sculpt is required to fit with existing ranges we may need to borrow example miniatures from you to ensure a good match.

Contact us to discuss your project.