Terrain Commissions

We all know how much difference a beautiful gaming board makes to any wargame. We also know that whilst it’s fun building terrain it also takes up a lot of time and space, creates mess and can require having a huge repository of materials to hand. Here’s where we can help! Coming from a background in theatre, film and tv modelmaking the Oakbound personnel have a wealth of experience making miniature worlds and are tooled-up to build whatever you might require.

Trees are an ever-popular terrain feature, especially more realistic, large pieces for skirmish and RPG boards or dioramas. Our trees are a robust variant on miniature railway techniques and can stand up to regular gaming and storage. We can work from your reference material and colour swatches to ensure a piece which complements your table. Our trees are priced based on size:

  • Small (150-200mm diameter) tree £75
  • Medium (200-300mm diameter) tree £100
  • Large (300-450mm diameter) tree £150

We can also create bespoke buildings, geological features, even entire boards! Every project of this type is unique, and should be. After all part of the reason for having excellent custom terrain is to put on games that are just the way you see them in your imagination! Please contact us to discuss your vision.

We regret that due to the logistics, size and fragility of scenic items we will need clients to arrange their own couriers or collection. Please also be aware that these items can take significant amount of time to plan and complete so if you need them as the centrepiece of a show, convention or gaming event please approach us well in advance.