Our ancestors sat around fires and told stories. We sit around our dining tables and play games! To our minds the role of the tabletop game is not so very different. It entertains, it brings people together and provides a focus for conversation, it engages the mind in imagining a world outside of our own experience.

Oakbound Studio grew out of a love of classic roleplaying and wargames. Games where creativity and imagination ruled, there was a sense of freedom and DIY mentality, games where players worked together to create fun narratives. We also recognise that game design has moved on and that many of the more modern systems employ cleverer and more strategically engaging rules mechanics than did earlier games in the genre. What we try to achieve is a marriage of the two. Rules systems which reward tactical play and encourage players to plan ahead but which also place the emphasis on character and story and leave space for players to develop their tabletop worlds in whatever direction they please.

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The Woods and Factious Waste utilise the same diceless system with a different selection of modules, allowing the two to be combined into a magical sci-fantasy world if desired. The game is character-focused, drawing on a set of 6 stats which combine in various ways to give the models’ in-game capabilities. When deciding the outcome of interactions modifiers are applied based on circumstances such as previous actions, relationship to other models and the surrounding environment. There is a degree of resource management as characters may be forced to react to the actions of other models and are at a disadvantage if unable to take full opportunity of their situation.

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