The Woods in the woods: Oakbound Games Day 2021

We’re proud to announce the first ever gathering of The Woods players!

Government guidance allowing, June 19th will see a woodland clearing in Gloucestershire become the setting for a day of linked games of The Woods in Skirmish mode. This isn’t a tournament… but there will be prizes! No expertise is required to take part, this day is as much about learning how the game works as it is about showing us what your warbands can do. We know that many people who have picked up second edition since it came out won’t have had much of a chance to actually try it out and this is an opportunity to do so.

What do I need to take part?

You’ll need a copy of the rulebook and ideally to have at least read through the rules, even if you haven’t played yet. You’ll also need to have built a warband using one of the lists in the rulebook and have models to use on the tabletop. They don’t have to be Oakbound miniatures, we’re more than happy to see how other ranges have been brought into the setting, but we do ask that they be painted. Everyone enjoys a pretty game and we’re going to be pulling out the stops on providing scenic tables for you. A tape measure and field of vision template would also be useful although we will have some you can use if needs be.

How will the day be organised?

The day will consist of a series of two-player games. These will have a time limit with the first couple being longer to allow for initial familiarity with the system.  After each game opponents will rotate so that each player gets to face an assortment of different warbands. There will also be space in between games for developing your warbands by spending the XP earned in previous games… so bring some extra models to recruit just in case! Later games will introduce optional extras like weather conditions and places of power. Plenty of time will be provided for lunch (please bring your own) and social time. After the games are done we’ll be throwing a barbeque so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to get to know your fellow gamers

You mentioned prizes?

Yes we did. There will be three prizes awarded the week after the event. Why afterwards? You’ll see once I tell you what they are. The first award will be for the “best looking warband” and will be judged during the day. This isn’t a painting contest! Figure choice, theme, atmosphere and basing will all be taken into account. The second award is for “opponent of the day”. This will be a chance for everyone to vote for the player they have most enjoyed playing against for whatever reason. Nominations will be collected at the end of the day. The final award is for “coolest warband saga”. After the event all participants are encouraged to submit an account of how their band have fared. This could be a written narrative, a battle report, series of photographs, illustrated comic strip, epic poem… however you want to do it. At the end of the week after the event we will review all the sagas we have received and select the coolest.

So what are the prizes? Each award will give the winner the chance to name a creature/character/entity from the world of The Woods to be sculpted and released. The winners will have full say over the look, pose and style of the miniature and it will be put into production crediting them as the institutor.

What about Covid?

We haven’t forgotten. The site is outdoors and we hope the weather will be fine, but if it isn’t there are canopies we can play under without reducing the ventilation. It has been proven that the virus is much less likely to transmit in an open-air environment. Nevertheless tables and chairs will be spaced at 2 metre distance, we ask players to only handle their own miniatures and only to approach the table when taking their turn. We would like to encourage the wearing of masks and ask all participants to bring their own cups and cutlery to avoid any contamination.

How do I apply?

Places are strictly limited so we advise booking early. There is a cost of £15 for the day which includes tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout. To book a place select the option below and checkout in the usual way. The information pack below contains all you will need to know about attending and also has a short application form so that we know what warband you are bringing and can ensure players come up against a variety of forces. Please email the completed form to by May 31st. 

Should we be forced to postpone the event due to Covid restrictions or high winds closing the site (rain won’t stop play) we will try to find a new date that suits all players. In the event of total cancellation we will refund your ticket cost.