The Woods in the woods: Oakbound Games Day

The Woods in the woods is our annual gathering of The Woods players for a day of friendly gaming on beautiful boards in the heart of the stunning Gloucestershire woodland. It’s the perfect way to get started with this unique system, meet fellow players, refine your strategy and check out Work-In-Progress, forthcoming releases and artefacts of interest from the Oakbound collection.

The date and venue for TWITWU ’24 will be confirmed soon.

What do I need to take part?

You’ll need a copy of the rulebook and ideally to have at least read through the rules, even if you haven’t played yet. You’ll also need to have built a warband and have models to use on the tabletop. They don’t have to be Oakbound miniatures, we’re more than happy to see how other ranges have been brought into the setting, but we do ask that they be painted. Everyone enjoys a pretty game and we’re going to be pulling out the stops on providing scenic tables for you. A tape measure and field of vision template would also be useful although we will have some you can use if needs be.

The U it TWITWU stands for Unlimited. This means that you can use any Oakbound book, article or supplement to create your warband, including lists that appear in our monthly newsletter The Acorn. 

How will the day be organised?

Scenic 3′ tables will be provided for your use. Play as many games against as many players as you like and can fit into the day. You can develop and expand your warband as you go, treating the day as a mini-campaign. You’re equally welcome to arrange multi-player games. All we ask is that tables are left as you found them. It’s usual for a few of the tables to get pushed together at the end of the day for a larger skirmish between all-comers.

How do I book?

Places are free but please book so we know what numbers to expect.  Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided throughout, please bring your own lunch.

The information pack contains all you will need to know about attending.