Draw with us

… or paint!

Do you enjoy freewheeling on paper?

Do you like to relax with a bit of 2d art?

Got a sketchbook full of images that need to be shown?

We’re always grateful for artwork, not least because it is one of the biggest expenses in terms of time and money when putting together a beautiful publication. But that’s not the most important reason we like to see your art, we like it because it shows us how you see the worlds we have been creating. Fresh eyes and inspiration can fire up our imaginations and get us working in new directions. The best way to make sure we sculpt a miniature? Send us a drawing of what it should look like!

Whatever you have drawn or painted we would like to see it and feature it in our social media, on our newsletter and even in a future publication.

There are some restrictions to what we can work with due to the legality  of publication.  That shouldn’t prevent you creating but may limit what we can print. Here is some guidance and legal information:

We can accept art in scanned .jpg or .pdf format at 300dpi resolution or higher. We can also accept digital artwork, though please note we prefer non-digital pieces for The Woods publications.

We can also accept physical submissions and will endeavour to return any art sent to us, however we cannot be responsible for the safety of any pieces in transit. Always best to send a digital copy!

We cannot publish any art which directly references intellectual property owned by a party other than Oakbound (for example TV show characters) in our  printed publications. We can, however, feature such art on our newsletters and social media groups. Indirect references are fine provided no IP infringement has taken place.

We may need to resize or reframe a piece of artwork to make it fit available space. We will try to do so as little as possible.  

We apologise but we cannot accept submissions for publications in licensed ranges such as The Dreamstone. This is because of our agreements with the licensing parties. We can, however, feature such art in our newsletter and social media.

We can only accept artwork that fits within the dark age fantasy setting of The Woods or the post-apocalyptic near-future setting of Factious Waste.

We cannot accept any art which features indecent activity. We appreciate that violence is not exactly decent activity, but within limits it is a part of the wargames field. Graphic gore or depiction of sexual activity we will not be able to publish.

By submitting art to Oakbound Studio the submitting party confirms they are the artist and have full right to submit the entire image. If this is later found not to be the case legal action may be taken.

Once accepted by Oakbound Studio the artist agrees not to present it for publication by any other games company. The artist retains copyright over their image, even if used in an Oakbound print production, but agrees not to withhold permission for Oakbound to use it in print and promotional materials nor to offer the artwork for use by another gaming company.

We cannot guarantee a timeframe for publication but the artist will be kept informed of how and where their text is to be used.

If a sculpt is produced using the artwork as concept the rights to this sculpt remain with Oakbound Studio.

Apologies for the legal bit!

We will be very happy to provide guidance, advice and encouragement wherever we can!