Sculpt with us

Do you have a vision for something but can’t find a suitable miniature?

Itching to have a go at pushing putty?

Practiced sculptor but feel like having a crack at something new?

We’re always open to receiving people’s sculpts, whatever your experience as a sculptor. We can master (take initial casts from) your creation, let you have a dozen for your own purposes and put them into production giving you full credit on our website.

Unsure about starting from scratch? No problem, we can provide ‘dollies’ for you to work from. These are essentially bare figures you can add hair, clothes and accessories to, creating your own unique figure which will fit in well scale-wise with our own. We currently have dollies for gnawlochs, gnomes, fae and huldra.

There are some restrictions to what we can work with due to the nature of casting and production. In all cases it’s best to contact us to discuss your project before getting too far along, but here  is some guidance and legal information:

We only accept physical, hand-sculpted miniatures. At this time we are not accepting any digital sculpture, sorry.

Sculpts must be created from epoxy putties such as Green Stuff (Kneadatite), Procreate and Milliput or from baked polymer clays such as Sculpey and Fimo. We can accept parts of the sculpt made from metal and plasticard in some cases. We need to know exactly what has been used in each sculpt before we can master it.

We cannot accept any sculpt which features parts of a non-Oakbound miniature, for example heads, hands and weapons. The copyright on these models is held by their originating company and we cannot legally put these into production. Parts of Oakbound miniatures are acceptable as we own the copyright on these.

We cannot accept a sculpt which replicates to a high degree a piece of artwork whose copyright is not held by Oakbound Studio. Sculpted interpretations of any artwork from our publications is fine, however the rights for such sculpts may remain with Oakbound or a successor in the event that production of the sculpt ceases. 

In order to cast a miniature it must be able to be pulled from a 2-part mould. If the model is complex, particularly animated or has projecting parts it may need to be cut up into pieces before it can be mastered. Contact us to discuss this if it applies to your work.

Sculpts of ‘human’ size in 28mm scale are easily accommodated. For larger sculpts please contact us to discuss.

We apologise but we cannot accept any sculpts for licensed ranges such as The Dreamstone. This is because of our agreements with the licensing parties.

We can only accept sculpts that fit within the dark age fantasy setting of The Woods or the post-apocalyptic near-future setting of Factious Waste. If you would like to sculpt something else we can provide a mastering and casting service, please contact us for details.

We cannot accept any sculpt which portrays indecent activity. We appreciate that violence is not exactly decent activity, but within limits it is a part of the wargames field. Graphic gore or depiction of sexual activity we will not be able to produce.

By sending a sculpt to Oakbound Studio the sender acknowledges that they are the sculptor and that rights to the sculpt have not been acquired by any other company or individual. If this is later found not to be the case legal action may be brought.

Once submitted to Oakbound Studio for mastering the right to produce and retail sculpts will belong solely to Oakbound Studio. The sculptor’s name will be credited in the webstore listing. Should Oakbound cease production of the sculpt the rights to produce it will revert to the original sculptor, it will not be sold to a subsequent company. We regret that in the event of production ceasing we will not be able to transfer moulds or remaining castings to the sculptor but can make arrangements in conversation with the sculptor.

The sculptor will receive 12 copies of their sculpt for personal use. If the ‘green’ (original sculpt) survives the mastering process this will also be returned to the sculptor.

Whilst we will take every care of your sculpt we cannot be responsible for its safety in transit. If your work is especially sentimental or special re recommend not trusting it to the postal system. That said we have a very positive experience of Royal Mail’s services.

We cannot guarantee a timeframe for mastering and production but can provide estimates if asked.

Apologies for the legal bit!

We will be very happy to provide guidance, advice and encouragement wherever we can!