Write with us

Inspired to write a short story?

Proud of a character or creation of your own devising?

Just finished running a successful campaign and want to share your experience?

We’re always keen to hear your ideas for storylines, scenarios and expanding our settings in new directions. We’ve deliberately left lots of holes and suggestions in our books and would love to see you filling them in! Whatever you have written we would like to read it and feature it in our social media, on our newsletter and even in a future publication.

There are some restrictions to what we can work with due to the legality  of publication.  That shouldn’t prevent you creating but may limit what we can print. Here is some guidance and legal information:

We cannot publish any writing which directly references intellectual property owned by a party other than Oakbound (for example TV show characters) in our newsletter or print publications. We can, however, feature such writing on our social media groups. Indirect references are fine provided no IP infringement has taken place.

We may need to edit, redact and/or amend a piece of writing to make it suitable for publication. We will try to do so as little as possible. Where we do alter a document this will be to accommodate it in a particular amount of space, better fit with the flow of other text surrounding it or to correct spelling and grammar.

We can only accept writing in English at this time. We prefer text to be in British English (colour, apologise, theatre).

We apologise but we cannot accept submissions for publications in licensed ranges such as The Dreamstone. This is because of our agreements with the licensing parties. We can, however, feature such writing in our newsletter and social media.

We can only accept writing that fits within the dark age fantasy setting of The Woods or the post-apocalyptic near-future setting of Factious Waste.

We cannot accept any text which features indecent activity. We appreciate that violence is not exactly decent activity, but within limits it is a part of the wargames field. Graphic gore or depiction of sexual activity we will not be able to publish.

By submitting a text to Oakbound Studio the submitting party confirms they are the author and have full right to submit the entire text. If this is later found not to be the case legal action may be taken.

Once accepted by Oakbound Studio the right to amend and publish (including print publication) texts will belong solely to Oakbound Studio. The author’s name will be credited and if the text is to feature in a print publication a copy of that publication shall be sent to the author ahead of being made available to retail.

We cannot guarantee a timeframe for publication but the author will be kept informed of how and where their text is to be used. 

Apologies for the legal bit!

We will be very happy to provide guidance, advice and enouragement wherever we can!