Bogey McTrickle


Never was there a more fearless goblin firefighter in all of the universe.

One unpainted goblin biker supplied without base. In the picture shown he is mounted on a 20mm round base.

Back in the summer of 2021 I heard that a close friend from school had passed away. He and I shared a great deal of things growing up and playing miniatures games was certainly one. We drifted apart over the years as often happens but the days we spent playing games together set my feet on the path they now tread and I am very grateful. At school one of our teachers had a nickname for him based on our favourite game but which infringes the copyright of a certain big games company so I have called this miniature by an approximate paraphrase. It is my little tribute to a wonderful person.

All proceeds from sales of Bogey McTrickle will be donated to the family he left behind far too soon.

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28mm, 35mm


Geoff Solomon-Sims




Fantasy, Sci-Fi