Factious Waste Compact Format Rulebook


Trash Runners– rock stars of the new era!

Their glamorous mission?

Hauling precious tons of waste across the barren earth.

Form up your posse for adventure in the desolate wastelands. Face down rival gangs trying to steal your cargo, barbaric tribes defending their ancestral hunting grounds, anarchic revolutionaries raging against the machine and crazed enforcers wielding deadly judgement.

This is the world of Factious Waste, a cinematic skirmish game blending strategy and skill with a strong sense of narrative. Featuring extensive background for 6 factions, simple and open-ended gang creation, an innovative game system, full vehicles rules and a wealth of scenarios, equipment lists and campaign features, Factious Waste is a whole new world of tabletop gaming.

Equipped with this compact rulebook you will be able to play out your favourite 80s action movie (or create your own) on the tabletop. This little volume contains everything from the 3-volume core Factious Waste set condensed into a black and white pocket-sized format at a bargain price.

Please note that rulebooks this full of stuff can be heavy to post. If you are based outside of the UK you may like to take advantage of cheaper shipping options and order your copy through Wargame Vault.

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