The Woods: Barrow Ring Burning Campaign


Winter has come to Marbhanam.

The crops have been gathered, the bonfires flame on Kings Down. The villagers prepare to weather the dark half of the cycle. But all is not well…

A ritual has been broken, a chieftain is dead and up on the barrow a body lies burning. When dark shadows stalk the night and the pale king awakens who will survive to see the spring come? Who can reforge the Barrow Ring before it’s too late?

Barrow Ring Burning is a narrative campaign sourcebook set in the world of The Woods. Newcomers to tabletop roleplay and experienced Games Masters alike will find within these pages an immersive, dark folklore fantasy adventure.

Featuring detailed descriptions of the region of Trow Country and the surrounding area, comprehensive accounts of local tradition, customs and beliefs and new revelations regarding the Fae’s conquest of the Mortal Realm, this atmospheric campaign provides ample scope for further narratives.

Barrow Ring Burning has been designed for use with The Woods: second edition played in RPG mode. It is equally valuable as a framework and sourcebook for any dark age and fantasy roleplaying game.

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