The Woods: Second Edition Core Rulebook (hardback)


It is a thousand cycles since the fair ones left us.

The woods grow thick and green across Talamhlar.

The woods stood there long before the coming of the fae, they will stand there still after the tuatha are long gone.

That time may not be long coming, for others have remained behind. Strange creatures lurk in the darkness, brought to the mortal plane to serve, to work and to hunt.

Now, abandoned as we are, their hungry eyes turn towards our   homesteads. Seeking shelter, seeking sustenance, seeking revenge.

The core rulebook gives you everything you need to know to launch into this unique miniatures game, blending a strong sense of narrative with strategic gameplay. Create a character to journey through a world of dark age fantasy, raise a warband and develop their abilities across campaigns or muster a mighty army and take to the field!

This vivid, full-colour hardback volume includes: Rules for RPG, Skirmish and Battle Games, background to the land of Talamhlar, detailed bestiary of over 30 creature types, 13 Warband lists for Skirmish Games, 6 Army lists for Battle Games, solo play rules, rules for tunnel adventures, comprehensive Skill, Trait and Equipment lists, campaign rules, terrain modelling guide.

Please note that rulebooks packed this full of stuff are heavy! If you are based outside of the UK you may like to take advantage of cheaper shipping options and buy your copy through Wargame Vault.

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