Factious Waste Book 3: Campaigns


In the desperate struggle to survive outworld there is no end of stories to be told. Every wastelander has their own saga and the conclusion of every trash run is just the start of a new adventure…

This third volume in the Factious Waste series is ful of ideas to help you write your own tabletop action movie. Packed with scenarios organised into categories the Campaign Book lets you quickly and easily assemble engrossing narratives that will test your posse to their limits.

A full system for generating injuries and gaining experience allows characters to develop over a series of games. Between encounters on the tabletop posses can make use of a variety of outworld locations to buy equipment, learn skills, develop traits, earn currency and uncover new plot hooks.

Also inside you’ll find information on using maps and region-based movement, owning territory, taking captives, adding weather effects and structuring narrative arcs to add as much depth and detail to your campaigns as you desire.

The contents of this book are not a complete game in their own right. To play games of Factious Waste a copy of Book 1: Rules and Book 2: Factions will also be needed.

A 3-volume core set consisting of this book, Book 1: Rules and Book 2: Factions is also available.

This book can also be found onĀ Wargame Vault, giving easier access and cheaper postage outside the UK.

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