Factious Waste Book 1: Rules


Trash Runners! Rock stars of the new era. Their glamorous mission? Hauling precious tons of waste across the barren earth. In a world devoid of natural resources only the refuse of yesterday’s fashion keeps the wheels of consumerism turning.

The Factious Waste rulebook allows you to play out classic post-apocalyptic action movies on the tabletop. Using a unique system which features interaction and manpulation of characters and evironment alongside the wargame staples of shooting and fighting, this is the perfect skirmish-level games for narrative play, Granular action tables and an innovative resource-management-style system gives your ultimate control over your miniatures, making for highly strategic gameplay.

Contained within are full rules for wasteland gang war, including use of vehicles and terrain features.

List for recruiting and arming your own posses can be found in Book 2: Factions. Rules and ideas for running linked games and creating movie script narratives can be found in Book 3: Campaigns.

A 3-volume core set consisting of this book, Book 2: Factions and Book 3: Campaigns is also available.

This book can also be found on Wargame Vault, giving easier access and cheaper postage outside the UK.

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