Factious Waste Book 2: Factions


What drives a person to seek the dangerous life of gang warfare in the barren deserts of outworld? There are as many reasons to fall in with the factions as there are souls fighting to survive. What is sure is that, whatever the choices, the struggle will continue.

Within this volume of the Factious Waste series you will find background on all the major outworld factions with rules for recruiting them to join your crew of wasteland warrors.

Rival Trash Runners bid for the best scrap hauls, barbaric tribes defend their ancestral hunting grounds, the mob keeps a watchfu eye on its monopolies, anarchic revolutionaries rage against the machine and crazed enforcers wield deadly judgement. Using the lists in this book you can pick and choose from any faction and action movie archetype to build your desired cast of characters. Equipment and skills lists allow you to personalise your creations to recreate your favourite heroes and villains or to design your own leading roles.

Armed with the Factions Book almost any sci fi and pulp miniature in your collection can take a starring role in your games of Factious Waste.

The contents of this book are not a complete game in their own right. To play games of Factious Waste a copy of Book 1: Rules will also be needed.

A 3-volume core set consisting of this book, Book 1: Rules and Book 3: Campaigns is also available.

This book can also be found on Wargame Vault, giving easier access and cheaper postage outside the UK.

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