The Woods: Tableaus From Talamhlar supplement


A land of adventure awaits discovery…

Talamhlar is a realm divided. In corners of the world isolated communities struggle against the beasts on their doorstep. Folk band together to protect their precious way of life from hostile influences.

From woodland cities to coastal villages, puritanical knights to tyrannical hobgoblins, this book contains glimpses of the diverse cultures to be found across the mortal realm. It features special scenery rules, additional objectives, new army lists, a sandbox RPG setting and a wealth of background to bring the land of Talamhlar to life.

Designed for use with The Woods second edition, the source material within can be easily adapted to fit any fantasy or dark age miniatures game and RPG.

Included in this volume:

Background to the culture of the tuatha

An alternative experience system for RPG mode

New Skirmish objectives and hazards

Terrain features for multi-level woodland games

A complete RPG adventure

Two new Army Lists for Skirmish games


Whether you are playing The Woods in Roleplay, Skirmish or Battle mode you’ll find a host of extra features inside to expand your games.

This is not a game in its own right, a copy of The Woods Core Rulebook will be needed to use the contents of this book

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